NBC 6 Reporters Julia Bagg, Marissa Bagg Share Strength of Sisterhood

Just in case you're wondering; yes – our dear NBC 6 reporters Julia Bagg and Marissa Bagg are sisters. The tenacious siblings open up about their lives, careers and sisterhood during a studio sit-down.

The Bagg sisters, who attended South Miami Senior High School, grew up thinking of journalism as an enjoyable hobby, which they then evolved into fruitful careers.

"Julia did it first," Marissa said about pursuing journalism as a college degree. "And then I thought 'Gosh, this is just so great,' and we ended up starting careers and we worked several years at other stations, and then Julia started here at channel 6 and then three or four years later, I showed up."

"It was the best day ever," Julia said.

The sisters were born 22-months apart, a tradition that extended to their younger brother who was born 22-months apart from Marissa, the middle child.

Julia and Marissa have continued the Bagg synchronization policy. Both are joyfully pregnant, and while Julia's day is still months away, Marissa's child is arriving much sooner than later.

Julia and Marissa love surprises, so much so that they are keeping the gender of the children they will soon bear a secret.

The sisterhood they share is cherished.

"It really is a joy and I really wish for others, growing up with a brother or sister, that's going to be your best friend for life," Julia said.

Though the concept of conceiving another child is not at the forefront of future plans between the sisters, the newborns that will soon be part of the strong Bagg family bond will have each other to support as loving cousins.

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