NBC 6 Responds Helps Woman Frustrated With New Washer

Ruth Klestinec’s lives a quiet life in retirement and likes to keep things simple and hassle-free.

It’s why she purchased a new washer last year when an old one stopped working well.

"I have a thing about repairing old things," Klestinec said.  "I’d rather get something new."

But a few months later, she noticed something unusual inside the washer.

"Soap residue in the front of the washer and on the rim," she said – after every load – causing her to run an additional rinse cycle, just to make sure her clothes were soap-free.

"After a couple of times I said, 'This is crazy, I want to get a service call,'" she remembered thinking.

The washer was still under warranty, so she called the manufacturer for service.

"They put in one part," she said. "They had to come back and put two more parts in. By that time, it already was on my mind that I didn’t want this machine anymore."

When the process to get the situation resolved was taking longer than she wanted, Klestinec called NBC 6 Responds. Our team reached out to Home Depot, where she had purchased the washer.

"I think they went out of their way because I don’t think Home Depot per se had the authority," she said. "They had to go to the next level, which is LG and LG obviously responded well."

Klestinec was eventually given a full credit for the washer by the manufacturer, which she used to buy an updated model.

Her new washer now offers her the peace of mind she wanted.

"It’s working great!” she said. “Something else I don’t have to worry about."

Home Depot also gave her a $150 gift card. They issued a statement saying, "We never want a customer to be dissatisfied, so we’re glad we could get this resolved for Ms. Klestinec."

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