Nearly a Dozen Cars Burglarized in Southwest Miami-Dade

Families in a Southwest Miami-Dade neighborhood woke up Sunday morning to find their cars had been burglarized – and it was all caught on camera.

It happened at an apartment complex near Southwest 114th Avenue and 36th Street.

Surveillance video caught the three crooks smashing windows and looking through nearly a dozen cars just before 5 a.m.

Victim Isenia Calderon said the suspects walked in through a fenced area. Before they targeted the cars inside the condominium, they also broke into cars parked outside.

Another victim told NBC 6 the crooks stole his tools, which are expensive and difficult to replace. Other neighbors reported stolen purses, credit cards, IDs and money.

One victim said they couldn’t sleep in peace anymore.

“This morning, we woke up to run errands and now we have to spend all day dealing with this issue,” said a victim.

Surveillance video shows two thieves wearing white or grey hoodies, and another in a black or dark-colored shirt. As one searched through one car, another continued onto the next vehicle.

“These people came prepared,” said Calderon. “They are professionals because it’s not just anyone who does something like this.”

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

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