New Brazilian Butt Lift Complaint Made Against Doctor

A Miami-based plastic surgeon is facing another complaint with state health officials over his popular Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

The state’s surgeon general filed a new administrative complaint against Dr. Osak Omulepu, who has been practicing medicine in Florida for more than eight years.

According to the administrative complaint, a 30-year-old woman went to Dr. Omulepu to undergo a butt lift procedure last year. The complaint says the doctor injected too much fat into her backside, used the wrong amount of medication and didn’t provide the proper after care.

State health officials want to suspend or revoke his license altogether.

In an email to the NBC 6 Investigators, Dr. Omulepu’s attorney said they have "disputed the allegations" and "look forward to the opportunity to defend Dr. Omulepu."

Four other women filed complaints with state health officials in the past year alleging the doctor’s procedures landed them in the hospital with life-threatening complications. All four procedures took place in May of 2015.

In response to the cases, one of Omulepu’s attorneys sent a letter to Department of Health attorneys stating:

"Dr. Omulepu has practiced medicine for more than eight years in Florida and he has performed liposuction with fat transfer over 5,000 times, without a single incident prior to or since the cases at issue before the Panel. Unfortunately, the patients experienced complications following their respective liposuction procedures. However, each of these complications was covered within the informed consent signed by the patient and the fact that such a complication occurs does not indicate the practitioner deviated from the standard of care."

Another patient, Crystal Heath, shared her story with the NBC 6 Investigators back in May after undergoing surgery with Dr. Omulepu. She said she paid for a Brazilian Butt Lift but said the doctor performed a tummy tuck instead. And she said she had complications from it.

"I started throwing up instantly, I was throwing up so bad it was like everything was bursting in my stomach," Heath said.

Dr. Omulepu is scheduled to have a hearing in front of the State Medical Board next month where his license will be under review.

The State restricted his license in February of 2016, but an appeals court overturned the restriction last month. 

The NBC 6 Investigators have confirmed Dr. Omulepu is still performing plastic surgery procedures in South Florida.

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