New Sex for Old Folks

S. Florida geriatrics hook up, talk STDS on "Daily Show"

While most geriatrics are off playing shuffleboard and drinking prune juice, some Boynton Beach seniors are hooking up and getting together to talk condoms and steamy sex.

Every week at the Hochman Jewish Community Center the Lust for Life group brings in several dozen seniors to meet and talk about everything from hooking-up to sexually transmitted diseases.   

Nearly a dozen Lust for Lifers were interviewed for a "Daily Show" segment that is supposed to air tonight. The group was asked about STDs by interviewer Jason Jones and at least one member was a little too honest.

"They asked me, 'Do you use protection?'" Stan Taffet, the Lust for Life leader, told the Sun-Sentinel.

The answer was no.

"I'm done! "No one will ever date me again!" Taffet, 76, said.

Jerry Jagendorf, 72, told "The Daily Show" that he and girlfriend Hildy Wexler "are clean."

"She had us take tests," he told them.

But the fear of STDs isn't stopping the Viagra-popping seniors from stimulating discussions.

Last month a sexologist spoke to the group and passed around lifelike replicas of genitalia. And many of the over the hill golden-agers are finding new partners.

"This is the freest time of my life," widower Linda Arkin told the Sun-Sentinel.

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