No Bond For Miami Man Accused of Beating 90-Year-Old Father to Death

Suspect said he blamed his parents for making him anti-social.

A man who allegedly beat his 90-year-old father to death was ordered held without bond by a Miami-Dade judge Wednesday.

Andrew Moss, 40, was charged with second degree murder in the death of father Luther Moss. Charges in the beating of his 81-year-old mother were lowered from attempted felony murder to aggravated battery.

When officers arrived at the man's home at 261 NW 51 Street Sunday afternoon, they found Andrew Moss outside, a Miami Police detective said in court. The suspect said he had gotten into an altercation with his father, punched him several times, kicked him and then flipped his mother over while she was on her wheel chair, the detective said.

When detectives walked into the house, they found his mother Adah face down with a wheel chair on top of her in the kitchen and his father dead on a table in the living room, according to police.

Judge Stacy Glick found probable cause to the charges when the detective confirmed the injuries on the father were consistent with the suspect's description of the beating.

In a statement to police, Andrew Moss said he was resentful towards his parents because they sent him to private school, the detective said. As an only child from his father's second wife, he didn't have any friends and didn't socialize -- something he blamed on his parents, according to the detectives. Although he said he had been dealing with the situation for the last 25 years, he never sought help psychologists, police said.

The day of the beating, police said Andrew Moss woke up, had his breakfast and said good morning to his parents. He went back to his bedroom and he told police something clicked in his head that made him spontaneously attack his parents.

Neighbors said that Andrew Moss was seen tossing all of his parents’ belongings outside before the beating occurred. Afterward, he called police himself, neighbors said.

Bobby Jones, a neighbor of the family, said Luther Moss was a retired television repairman and that his wife had been bedridden for years. Andrew Moss lived with them and never showed signs of being violent, according to neighbors.

Judge Glick ordered Andrew Moss to avoid all forms of communication -- including by letter, email, phone or in person -- with his mother, who remains bed-ridden at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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