No Plea Deal for Woman Accused of Running Over South Dade High School Principal Javier Perez After Positive Marijuana Test

A woman who has pleaded guilty in the 2016 DUI crash that left a popular South Florida high school principal severely injured was in court Wednesday to accept a new plea deal but it was suspended after she tested positive for marijuana.

Marilyn Aguilera was out on bond pending her plea deal but is now going back to jail for the positive drug test.

"I’m going to revoke your bond because that’s a violation of your release," Miami-Dade Judge Diane Ward told Aguilera at a hearing Wednesday.

Aguilera is accused of running over South Dade High School principal Javier Perez at a West Miami Dade baseball field. The beloved principal lost both of his legs after being in a coma.

This is the second plea deal offered by prosecutors. Last time Aguilera didn’t seem to understand the proceedings so the judge suspended the plea deal and ordered a future drug test.

On Wednesday, Aguilera was going to declare herself guilty of DUI with severe injuries and go prison for seven years and also have her driver’s license revoked for life.

"I spoke with Mr. Perez’s family and they are in agreement with this, they want this over," prosecutor Laura Adams said.

But the positive drug test put a stop to any plea deal.

"Ms. Aguilera, like I’ve said several times, has been under a lot of stress, she’s under a lot of medication. Unfortunately in order to make today go a little bit better for her, she chose to smoke marijuana which was a terrible decision," defense attorney Ana Davide said.

Aguilera will come back to court on December 11th to be re-tested for drugs. Also on that day the judge will decide if Aguilera will go on trial or if she’ll be taking the plea deal.

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