Passenger: Elvis Was a Hound Dog

Woman upset over singer Crespo's one-man air show

Patrcia Perea, the woman who claims she witnessed singer Elvis Crespo join the Mile-High Club by himself on a flight to Miami, is speaking out about the incident.

Perea has hired a lawyer and may pursue legal action over the events of the March flight where she claims Crespo flew solo while seated next to her in first class.

"Ms Perea was shocked by Mr. Crespo's outrageous conduct in masturbating next to her during a flight to Miami and exposing his penis during the act for her and others to see," lawyer Peter Gonzalez said.

The 37-year-old Grammy winner had been accused by Perea of pleasuring himself while on a Continental Airlines flight from Houston to Miami. Police on the ground in Miami interviewed Crespo but no charges were filed.

Crespo put a MySpace video up claiming he's innocent.

"I don't recall doing that," Crespo said in March.

Perea, a 51-year-old mother, says the experience wasn't that unforgettable for herself.

"I am very upset about this situation," Perea said in a statement. "I also feel badly for Mr. Crespo's wife and family for having to endure the pain and embarassment caused by Mr. Crespo's behavior."

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