Pre-Teen Pitcher Throws Heat

11-year-old leads softball team to perfect season

She's a fast-throwing 11-year-old pitcher with a mean heater that reaches the 50s but there's one catch -- she pitches underhand.

Margate hurler Samantha Brown isn't even a teen yet but she's racking up Ks by the dozen and led her little league softball team to a perfect 21-0 season last night.

"I practice everyday," the righty ace said. "I go to pitching practice, we practice on Sundays."

The junior power pitcher has a few different pitches but tries to bring the smoke whenever she can.

"She likes to throw the heat, which is her fastball," mom Julia Brown said.

Though she's still a pre-teen, the little pitcher with the big arm has even bigger ambitions.

"She told me her goal is to pitch for the Olympics, she wants to be their starting pitcher," mom Julia said.

Samantha's father says she was given a bat when she was two and has been playing since she was five, and she gets plenty of time on the mound.

"She's started every game and she's going to be a superstar, hopefully," dad Mike Holmes said.

With her team's perfect season on the line in the final game of the season, Samantha said she had some nervous jitters.

"I was scared because I didn't want to lose, but I was happy that we won," she said.

Samantha's coach thinks scouts should start to take notice of her now.

"A couple of years down the road she's going to be an incredible all-star," coach Chris Homa said. "Seriously, colleges should line up for her."

But perhaps the most ringing endorsement came from fellow teammate Bailey Homa.

"She's a really good pitcher," Bailey said. "And it's hard for people to catch her because she's so fast."

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