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Coffee prices at a 12-year high

If you're used to a jolt every morning from your daily cup of joe, you're going to have to get used to an additional jolt when you check out the tab.

That's because a bad economy, poor crops and high demand are blending together to make a more expensive cup of coffee across the country and in java-mad South Florida.

The price of wholesale coffee beans are at a 12-year high, with household coffee brands like Maxwell House up nearly 20 percent.

Whether you home brew or hit the coffee shop, it's all adding up to more out of your pocketbook.

"We put in a sign that said sorry for the inconvenience, the prices are going up," said local brewer Pedro Escobar at It's A Grind. "It used to cost $1.30, now it costs $1.60 and that's just regular coffee."

Extreme weather, heavy rains, have had a devastating effect on the Colombian coffee bean crop and now baristas like Escobar are touting the convenience and customer service of their shops to try to get customers in the door.

"They come over here, it's already made for them. They have to wait in line maybe 10 seconds," Escobar said. "Over here, it's self-serve, so they do it whatever way they want. It's like being at your house."

And if the coffee bean hike wasn't bad news enough, the price of sugar is also soaring, reportedly up more than 50 percent since December.

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