South Florida

Protect Yourself from Odometer Fraud

It’s a fraud that is more common than you think – odometer fraud is on the rise, according to Chris Basso of Carfax.

“It is easier because there’s equipment that simply plugs into the car’s computer and makes changing the odometer a snap,” said Basso. “You can do it in less than a minute.”

According to Carfax data, odometer fraud in 2019 in South Florida was up 11.4% from 2018.

“And that’s causing major problems for car buyers who are spending thousands more than these cars are actually worth,” said Basso.

If you’re buying a car that’s older than 10 years or one that was previously leased, you should be extra careful, Basso added.

You can protect yourself by having a mechanic check out a used car before you buy it.

You can also click here to see how to check for odometer fraud online, for free.

For a Carfax odometer fraud check, click here.

Carfax also offers a history-based vehicle value, click here to see how.

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