Protester Tased and Arrested At Transgender Rights March in Fort Lauderdale

Over 100 Trans rights advocates gathered in Fort Lauderdale Friday night for one main goal: to be seen and heard. It started peacefully but unfortunately one person did end up getting arrested for a separate incident. NBC 6 was the only local station there as the marcher was tasered and arrested.

The protester was placed in the back of a Fort Lauderdale Police squad car. PIO said the marcher wandered off into a fenced off park after police told him not to. The marcher proceeded to enter the park and kick a tent. When police tried to arrest him, he resisted and police then tased and arrested him.

The marcher is charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence.

The night started with a colorful and glittery crowd that met at Huizenga Plaza Park and marched down Southeast First Avenue continuing through Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Elijah Drummond is one of the organizers of Friday’s march.

"One main purpose of this is to create a space and a platform for Trans youth and queer youth of color," said Drummond.

Those who came out to the march addressed some of their concerns regarding their issues with the Trump Administration, especially with transgender bathrooms. Last year, Obama's directive allowed transgender students to use whichever public school bathroom they identified with. Now, President Trump says he wants to leave the issue up to the states.

"Everything good that has happened so far you know it's looking like we're taking several steps back and the primary concern is the rhetoric of hatred and discrimination," said organizer Mira.

"We have this president who said he was our ally, you know our support and obviously that's not true. So it's really messed up that we have this person that a lot of us feel really unsafe under," said organizer Graciela Mendoza.

But, there's no change at Miami-Dade and Broward County public schools. Both school districts already have protections in place for transgender students at the local level.

Many who attended Friday’s rally also focused on what they say are too many unnecessary deaths in the transgender community.

“Trans women, especially trans women of color are still dying on the streets every single day and marriage is not enough," said Drummond.

But, their main goal is one of inclusion, acceptance and to have a voice by reclaiming public space.

"Our message you know for everyone in the city is to know that we're here. We're here and we deserve to here and of course we're not backing down anytime soon," said Medonza.

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