Race May Have Played Role in South Miami Attack: Woman

A South Florida woman is speaking out about what happened when she says a woman attacked her while she was just out walking her dog in South Miami.

Rayne Burse believes her race played a big role in what took place over the July 4th holiday weekend. Police ended up arresting the 64-year-old homeowner who came out of her property asking questions of Burse.

Burse was walking along the canal on public property and turned her cell phone camera on when she says the woman, identified as Maria Dorrbecker, came out and became aggressive with her.

"She grabbed me kind of, she almost got a hold of my shirt and tried to grab at my phone again, and that's when I hit her in the head," Burse told NBC 6. "I couldn't figure out why she had any sort of vendetta against me. It was completely unprovoked."

Police arrived, looked at Burse's video and took Dorrbecker into custody. She was charged with misdemeanor battery and booked into jail.

At her home Thursday, her husband said they had no comment.

"In your face racism, like was with an old woman right here," Burse said. "A lot of people are saying that there's definite like racial connotation, like, you know, 'you don't belong here darkie, like what are you doing here, you know, this is my neighborhood.'"

Burse praised the responding officers.

"It felt really great to know that in an instance when they should have been, the law was on my side," Burse said.

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