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Second Miami Beach Condo Building Ordered to Evacuate

City of Miami Beach officials posted an evacuation notice at 6881 Indian Creek Drive

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Another Miami Beach building is being evacuated after inspectors say the building has evidence of deterioration and spalling concrete. 

On Monday, City of Miami Beach officials posted an evacuation notice at 6881 Indian Creek Drive, stating the property needs to be vacated by next Monday, July 19.

It’s the second Miami Beach building ordered to be evacuated since the Champlain Towers South building collapse. 

A three-story building at 1619 Lenox Avenue was evacuated earlier this month after a building inspector found a flooring system failure.

Like other nearby cities, Miami Beach is taking a closer look at buildings at or past the 40-year mark. 

The city released a list of over 500 properties due for their 40-year recertification. 

The building at 6881 Indian Creek Drive, along with eight other buildings, was asked to provide additional paperwork to the city to show they were safe. 

According to a violation notice posted on the city’s website, inspectors found evidence of structure deterioration and spalling concrete. 

Attorney Manny Vadillo, who represents the owner of the building, says the building is set to be demolished in December. In an email, he stated, “Since May the tenancy has been reduced from 28 to now 14 of which 7 are not paying rent and 5 are presently in the process of vacating. We were notified that the city will be posting a notice to vacate the property today.  I understand the city will give the tenants a week to find alternate locations to reside.”

He also stated, “The demolition of the building will take place in December and a new townhouse project is in the process of being planned for the site.” 

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