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Senator Marco Rubio Criticizes President Biden's Issuing of Executive Orders

President Joe Biden signed two more executive orders Friday, drawing criticism from Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who released a video on Twitter expressing his objections.

“He is using the words of the center, talking about unity, but he is governing like someone from the far left,” Rubio said in the early morning Tweet.

“Number one, he has issued more executive fiats (orders) than anyone in such a short period of time, ever, more than Obama, more than Trump," the senator continued.

Some of President Biden’s directives have been direct reversals of former President Trump’s orders, such as cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline project, ending construction of the southern border wall, ending the travel ban from several majority Muslim countries and rejoining the Paris Climate Accord.

NBC 6 political analyst Carlos Curbelo noted that "executive orders are clearly temporary. We're seeing President Biden cancel a lot of the orders from the previous administration, and certainly Mr. Trump did that when he came into office."

"There is a good debate to be had about whether or not this is the best way of making policy," Curbelo added.

The orders Biden issued on Friday include expansions to food assistance programs, adjustments to worker safety policies and a push to increase federal workers' minimum wage to $15/hour.

“Families are going hungry, people are at risk of being evicted," the President said on Friday before signing the orders. "Job losses are mounting again, and we need to act."

On Twitter, Rubio insisted the President is governing outside of political norms.

“These aren’t just normal executive fiats, this is literally going down the wish list of the far left and checking them all off, some of them are incredibly dramatic and far-reaching in real life," Rubio said.

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