South Florida Students With Ties to Nepal Hold Vigil For Victims

Rescue and recovery crews are working around the clock in Nepal, searching for survivors and trying to get aid to people left homeless by this weekend's massive earthquake.

Officials say the death toll has grown to more than 4,000 and is expected to rise.

More than 7,000 people are injured and many are still unaccounted for in remote mountain villages.

Aid workers and officials are pleading for food, shelter and medicine needed for the 1.4 million survivors who are in need of the basic essentials to survive.

Monday night, students in South Florida showed their solidarity to those affected in Nepal.

More than three dozen students and teachers at Florida International University have family members and friends directly impacted by the devastating earthquake.

They are anxiously waiting to hear if they are ok and hoping the aftershocks will stop.

One by one, they lit candles Monday night to focus on the the devastation in Nepal.

They then held a moment of silence for the thousands who were killed.

One of those bowing their heads was Sarita Khanal, "We're here and we feel like we're helpless at this moment," she said.

Her entire extended family lives there. She said they are living in fear that aftershocks will take down what's left of their crumbling homes.

"We're crying, we are crying every day because it's painful. It's your country," Khanal said.

Much of the country is built with concrete, and thousands of people are afraid to go inside.

"Everyone is camping outside basically and they're running out of food, running out of water," said Professor Nipesh Pradhanaga, who is traveling to Nepal on Thursday.

"I think I should go and volunteer and help people in need," he said. His home town was destroyed by the earthquake.

"My own family house inside the town, it didn't collapse, but it's not livable anymore and then my parents, they're sleeping outside under the sky," he said.

At FIU, they formed the flickering lights into the shape of the Nepal flag and are capturing the moment to let loved ones know they're thinking of them from across the world.

The school is setting up a disaster fund for the people of Nepal this week.

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