South Florida Woman Isolates for Nearly 2 Weeks, Still Waiting for COVID-19 Results

Olya Dadressan became concerned when she suddenly felt sick on June 28

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Olya Dadressan became concerned when she suddenly felt sick on June 28.

“Got fever, very, very bad headache, chills, cold sweat, little nausea,” she said. “A lot of different things at once.”

So, she went to an urgent care the following day, where they decided to test her for COVID-19.

“It was pretty easy to get tested, actually,” she said. “You didn’t have to sign up or stand in long lines. As long as you exhibited any symptoms, they were testing.”

She said she was told to expect results in three to five days and was instructed to remain in quarantine until then.

“It’s been 11 days since I got tested and there is no result,” she told NBC 6 on Thursday.

She said she has remained holed up in a separate section of her home for nearly two weeks, away from her elderly mother-in-law and three children.

“My son, he’s eight years old, he comes every day, he says mommy, it’s been nine days, mommy it’s been the hardest nine days of my life because I can’t hug you,” she said. “It’s pretty heart-wrenching, I want to hug them. I want to smother them and I can’t.”

Olya’s story gives a glimpse of the hardship many in South Florida are going through, as they wait longer to find out if they have contracted the coronavirus.

“I think it’s just hard to be in limbo,” she said. “Not knowing … whether you are dangerous to others around you.”

Even though her symptoms had improved, Olya said she was staying in isolation.

She also followed-up after the interview, to say the urgent care had finally reached out to say there had been a problem with her sample and that she needed to get re-tested.

Olya said she got tested again late Thursday night and was told it would likely be another three to five days before those results would be available.

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