Spiritless: Airline Wants to Charge for Customer Service

Spirit wants to charge for everything

Spirit officials announced Tuesday they are working toward offering free flights.

That sounds great for passengers, until you realize that the only thing you aren't charged for on a Spirit flight is oxygen.

The latest fee on the table would have passengers charged for asking a Spirit employee for help. Yes, a charge for customer service.

This comes on the heels of Spirit announcing $45 cost to bring carry ons onto a plane. Spirit already charges for check bags and other amenities like water.

"This is all part of Spirit’s business model to offer customers the absolute lowest possible base fare and then give customers the purchasing power to choose what they do and don’t want to add on," Spirit released in a statement. "Although we won’t be charging to use the bathroom, because this is a necessity to getting from point A to point B, we are always reviewing a variety of possibilities that would allow us to lower fares by unbundling options from the base fare that are not necessary."

In case you missed the key words in that statement, passengers are safe to take bathroom breaks - for now. Spirit also said it is not true that they are installing standing-room only seating, which would make traveling a bit interesting.

As far as the "human fee," as it's being called, Spirit didn't deny or confirm it would be implemented.

"One day it will likely be technologically possible for an airport kiosk to handle all of the necessary customer check-in transactions at the airport," Spirit said. "If we are able to do so in a cost effective manner that allows us to lower fares even further, then we will look at this possibility."

To be on the safe side, just pack your wallet or purse when flying Spirit.

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