Suspect Accused of Shooting, Killing Child Makes Court Appearance

The man accused of firing the fatal bullet that took a 7-year-old boy's life appeared before a judge Wednesday. The suspect, known as "Pop," claims investigators have it all wrong.

"I'm making a finding of probable cause as to the second-degree murder charge, count one is no bond," said Judge Mindy Glazer, Miami-Dade Bond Court.

No bond was set for Dravein Duke accused of killing Amiere Castro. The child was at his cousin's home Christmas weekend when prosecutors said Duke shot into the home from a vehicle and hit Castro in the head.

When asked by the judge whether Duke was positively identified as the suspect, the defense responded, "Yes, your honor." But the defense attorney for Duke said it was mistaken identity.

"We believe that because the individual making the claims that it's Mr. Duke, had a previous dispute with Mr. Duke, that they are identifying him as the shooter while we believe that it's someone else actually who is the true shooter," said Defense Attorney Richard Gregg.

Detectives also arrested Maxwell Trewin. A K-9 officer bit Trewin, who is still in the hospital. Police said he was with Duke and participated in the drive-by shooting.

The victim's mother spoke exclusively to NBC 6 about her son's murder. "We were on our way to go pick them up but we were too late," Shannalynn Castro said.

Detectives credit the tight-knit community of Richmond Heights Park with the arrest of the two teens.

Duke and Trewin are facing the same charges for the death of Castro. They'll be back in court in the coming days to enter their pleas to the criminal charges.

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