Testimony Continues in Pembroke Pines Peeping Tom Case

Testimony continued Thursday in the case of a man accused of being a peeping tom, who wants to be released from jail before his trial.

After two days of testimony and hundreds of pages of evidence, the judge decided to take time to review the case. He didn't give an immediate ruling Thursday.

The hearing started with Pelayo Cerulia's sister taking the stand. She told the judge she was with him in July when he's accused of stalking women in a Pembroke Pines neighborhood.

The prosecution said Cerulia lurked outside of women's bedrooms, peeking in and touching himself while watching the women undress.

Detectives said Cerulia was often armed with a slingshot and would repeatedly spray paint onto cameras setup to try to catch him.

The defense tried to poke holes in the evidence presented and argued this isn't the right guy.

The alleged victims were outside the courtroom, and at one point, it appeared they might take the stand, but the bond hearing ended without their testimony.

The judge could now rule in the coming hours or days whether to keep Cerulia in jail without bond.

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