Toll Hikes Start Monday on Florida’s Turnpike and Miami-Dade Highways

Toll-by-Plate customers will now pay $1.28 and SunPass users will pay $1.02 per toll on the Turnpike.

Starting Monday, Turnpike tolls are going up by two pennies for some past customers and three pennies for Toll-by-Plate plate drivers.

Toll-by-Plate drivers will now pay $1.28 and SunPass users will pay $1.02 per toll.

"It adds up. The tolls are very close together so it adds up," driver Everett Watson said.

Watson, an insurance adjuster, makes frequent trips from Miami to West Palm Beach on the Turnpike.

Driver Debbie Hill, on the other hand, said the hikes are necessary for keeping up the roads.

"We have to support our state," Hill said. "I'd rather have better roads to drive on if that's where the funds are going."

The new rates will provide an extra $12 million in revenue to the state.

Toll rates will also change on the Miami-Dade expressway system starting Monday. That means higher rates on State Roads 836, 112, 874 and 878.

"The Toll-by-Plate rate will be double the SunPass rate and we'll be eliminating the administrative charge," said Miami-Dade Expressway Authority spokesman Mario Diaz.

The administrative charge for those without a SunPass used to be $3. MDX is also giving away free SunPasses until July 19th as an added incentive to get every driver on the automated system.

For more information on getting a free SunPass and new toll rates, click here.

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