Twins Born After Car Crash in Southwest Miami-Dade Home With Parents

Mother Jessica Stanley went into labor after being involved in a car crash Friday.

A baby delivered in a car after his parents got in an accident on the way to the hospital in southwest Miami-Dade Friday and his twin brother are healthy and home safe with their family

Parents Jessica Stanley and Antavian Milton said Antavian II came first, right after the accident happened. His brother, Antavian III, was delivered later at Jackson South Community Hopsital.

"Soon as the impact happened the first baby came out," Stanley said.

Stanley said that's when she blacked out and a Good Samaritan stepped in.

Betty Hornes, a gastroenterology technician at Baptist Hospital, was making her way to work when she saw the car in front of her struck while making a turn at Southwest 102nd Avenue and 152nd Street just after 6 a.m.

"We were at that light at 6:07 and I was watching the time because I had to be at work at 6:30 at Baptist Hospital," Hornes said.

When she saw the crash, she got out of her car to find Stanley in labor with twins. The gastro-enterologist technician delivered Antavian II.

"I'm thankful that everything happened the way that it did, like the outcome," Stanley said. "I'm not not happy that we got into an accident, but I'm happy the way things turned out. Everybody is healthy and safe."

Stanley's boyfriend, the babies' father, was driving the car and said he's glad no one got hurt as he tried to avoid the driver who pull in front of him.

"The thought of having lost an only child. To lose one would be terrible," Antavian Milton said. "I'm just blessed to be able to have them all right here now."

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