Video Shows Couple Robbed at Gunpoint in Aventura Mall Parking Garage

Police still looking for gunman in October 23 robbery

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Police are hoping new surveillance footage will help them find a suspect who robbed a couple at gunpoint at Aventura Mall last month.

The footage from the Oct. 23 incident shows a couple leaving a mall as the man who robbed them follows close behind as they exit to the parking garage.

According to an incident report, the suspect tapped the man on the shoulder, pointed a handgun in his face and said "give me all of your jewelry or I'll kill you."

The man said he tried to grab the gun from the suspect which caused the magazine to fall out and onto the floor, but the suspect was able to pick up the magazine and put it back into the handgun, the report said.

The man's wife started screaming and begging her husband not to fight back, so he handed over his $9,000 gold Cuban link bracelet, the report said.

Aventura Police
Police are looking for two suspects in an armed robbery at Aventura Mall.

The suspect ran off with the bracelet and fled the scene in a Mercedes driven by a second suspect, the report said.

Police earlier this week they arrested 22-year-old Joshua Lee Underwood, who they said was the getaway driver at the wheel of the Mercedes. Police say he is not cooperating.

Miami-Dade Corrections
Joshua Lee Underwood

Detectives are looking for the second man who robbed the couple at gunpoint.

Anyone with information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 304-471-TIPS.

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