Volunteers Mail Goodies to Troops Overseas

Key Biscayne volunteers ship packages to troops overseas

A group of Key Biscayne women are mailing packages of goodies to troops overseas to show their support.
"All we're doing is trying to put a smile on their face," said Sybil Pulver.

Their latest shipment isn't like any of the other ones they've done in the past. This one is in honor of Sgt. Amaru Aguilar, a Kendall soldier who was killed in Afghanistan last month.
All of the boxes covering Linda Davitian's floor are being sent to his troop of 90.
"We wanted them to know that we got that they were suffering loss too and wanted them to feel a little cared for,” Davitian said.
The troops are receiving everything from newspapers and snacks to over the counter medicine.
"They'll bust it open and whack it out and those that are allergic to nuts won't get these," Davitian joked. "They'll work it out. They really do because they are a family out there."
Pulver wishes she could do more.
"The reason we cannot do more is because we just don't have the funds," she said.
So, the women get together and sew 'God Bless America' pillows, and then they sell them for $25. 
 "The most important thing to me is that it lets the men and women know they're not forgotten," another volunteer, Nancy Bernstein, said,
Anyone who wants to find out more about sending care packages to the troops, or wants to buy a pillow, please contact the American Legion Auxilary in Key Biscayne at 251 Crandon Blvd., Suite #1225.
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