Weird Miami Bus Tour Explores Alleyways, Restaurants and Poetry

The tour begins at 7 p.m. Wednesday, meeting at 100 NE 11th St. in Miami.

A new tour in Miami takes you to the alleyways of Miami Beach where you will find trash, restaurants and poetry readings.

The Alleyways of South Beach Tour is organized by The Bas Fisher Invitational as part of O, Miami, a biennial poetry festival in Miami.

“Miami is an incredibly complicated, diverse city,” Naomi Fisher said. “The alleyway may seem like a slum but it's half a block from Ocean Drive one way and half a block from Washington the other way. It's the center of where everyone comes.”

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The poets organizing the event are hoping that tourists are able to compare the glitz and glamour and the alleyways of Miami Beach.

“To see the other side, as well as think about what is happening back here,” said Nathaniel Sandler, the tour guide. “And help clean it up and do something about the people who are staying here.”

Sandler, who will do the poetry readings and description of the streets, is a local writer and head librarian of the unique Bookleggers Mobile Library.

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According to the poets, the alleyways are not bad, and instead show the life of the city – and even include a restaurant.

“La Sandwicheria is one of the places that actually uses the alleyway for a business,” Sandler said. “Very few people along Miami Beach are doing that."

The tour bus begins at 7 p.m. Wednesday, meeting at 100 NE 11th St. in Miami.

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