Witnesses: Cops Chased Mall Suspects

Neighbors say police chase may have caused fatal crash

As Aventura police search for the woman involved in a suspected mall robbery that ended in a fatal crash, witnesses are coming forward to claim that a police chase may have caused the accident.

Keenya Young is on the lam from police, accused of stealing nearly $2,000 worth of purses from the Macy's in Aventura Mall, then speeding off with an accomplice and crashing into a security car in a nearby neighborhood.

Killed in the Sunday night crash was guard Emily Anderson, an employee of Bryant Security. Her co-worker, Charles Hall, left critically injured.

And neighbors who witnessed the crash claim it could have been prevented, had police cars not been so hot on the suspects' tail.

"It wasn't five seconds before we came out of the house and the Aventura police were here," said witness Dorothy Ragone.

"In my mind, from what I saw, they were pursuing because they were here so quickly after the accident," said a man who only wanted to be identified as "Ed."

The Aventura Police have issued a statement saying there was no police chase.

Meanwhile, Exzavier Robinson, Young's alleged accomplice, appeared in court yesterday, where his lawyer argued successfully to have his murder charge reduced to vehicular homicide.

"If he was in fact the driver of the vehicle that was involved in the accident, it's not related to the alleged criminal activity that took place at Aventura mall," said lawyer Peter Heller.

Police say Robinson and Young were caught on a Macy's security camera swiping the pricy designer handbags, then making a fast getaway.

Their car, a silver Chrysler 300, collided with the security car a few miles away in North Miami Beach, police say.

Robinson stayed at the crash scene, and was arrested by police. Police are still trying to locate Young, who took off on foot after the crash.

The family of Anderson just wants Young to come out of hiding.

"I'm asking for the young lady to turn herself in," said relative Charlene Perkins. "That's the best thing and the right thing to do."

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