Woman: Cop Got Frisky During Stop

Woman says BSO deputy copped a feel during traffic stop

One of the women allegedly groped by a Broward Sheriff's Deputy during a traffic stop is speaking out about her raunchy run-in with the touchy-feely cop.

Deputy Charles Grady of the BSO resigned last week after he was charged with two counts of battery for inappropriate contact with females after pulling them over.

One of the women, who says Grady groped her last December, is telling her story.

She says Grady pulled her over, he asked her whether her chest was medically enhanced, then examined for himself. 

"What he said was, 'Are those real?' He was referring to my breasts," the 20-year-old woman, who wants to remain anonymous, said. "He grabbed the strap of my bra and he shook it really hard for about five minutes because he couldn't believe that they were real."

Grady then allegedly decided to check things out further and made her get out of the car.

"He turned on the flashlight and started looking at me from head to toe with this dirty, nasty look," the woman said. "He lit my legs and tried to see more than he could see."

Grady, 39, has been accused of similar misconduct by another woman and may be involved in hundreds of other cases, according to the states attorney's office.

"I didn't even do anything wrong that night, and it's not right," the tearful woman said. "I wish this guy was in jail."

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