Woman Who Had Five-Organ Transplant Gives Birth to Healthy Baby

The baby's mother Fatema al Ansari had a five-organ transplant at Jackson in 2007

When Alkadi Alhayal was born at Jackson Memorial Hospital on Feb. 26, she made medical history

"This is a first time ever in the world, and we have searched all medical literature. All registries in the whole world," said Dr. Salih Yasin, an obstetrician at UM/Jackson.

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The baby's mother Fatema al Ansari had a five-organ transplant at Jackson in 2007. She and her husband came from Qatar then, and returned for in vitro fertilization and close monitoring by the transplant team during the high-risk pregnancy.

"The concern throughout the system is how her whole body would be able to take care of the load of being pregnant and how her organs would react throughout the pregnancy and shortly thereafter," said Yasin.

Al Ansari suffered physical discomfort during the pregnancy but did not have other complications.

"She delivered. She is healthy. The baby is healthy . She is recovering, believe me better than many women you know of," said Yasin.

"She thanks her husband because he stand by her all these years from the day she was sick in 2007 to the transplant until now, " said a translator for the new mother.

Originally, a doctor in Qatar recommended she come to Jackson when her abdominal organs failed. That's when she received new liver, pancreas, stomach, large and small intestines.

"They came here and it was hard in the beginning and hard decision and they want to give hope to other people who have transplants," said a translator for the baby's father Khalifa Alhayal.

Now they are hopeful that in the near future Alkaldi will have a brother or sister. The family should be ready to return to Qatar next week.

Doctors at UM/Jackson say they plan on publishing the details of this case in a medical journal.

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