Wooden Pallets Cause Massive Fire in Hialeah

What to Know

  • A stack of pallets caused a massive fire in Hialeah Saturday afternoon.
  • Two dogs were found in the warehouse, but they were okay.
  • The fire was so massive it could be seen from miles away.

It was a quick response from firefighters in Hialeah on Saturday as they put out massive flames at a local warehouse. The flames were so big, the smoke could be seen from miles away.

Hialeah fire officials say pallets of wood were the cause of the blaze.

“This is a business that houses pallets so you’re talking about a yard with thousands and thousands of pallets. They caught fire and when we were told to get out here you could see the plumes of smoke from miles away,” said Capt. David Rodriguez, a spokesperson for Hialeah Fire Dept.

Officials said it started at an export warehouse near Northwest 36th Avenue and 54th Street.

“The first thing we did was get everyone out of the warehouse, like clients and workers,” said Frank Martinez, who works next door to the warehouse. “It was so close to us you could feel the heat near us. So we were lucky nothing happened to our warehouse.”

Two dogs were also in the yard when the fire broke out – but they are okay.

“Luckily, no injuries. There were two dogs inside the yard but we were able to get those dogs out safely and now we’re just trying to control the fire,” said Capt. Rodriguez.

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