Zoo Miami Asian Elephant Named Maude Dies

Maude, the 41-year-old Asian elephant, was suffering from digestive impaction.

A sick Zoo Miami elephant has died, the zoo announced Wednesday.

Maude, a 41-year-old Asian elephant, was receiving treatment for digestive impaction Wednesday morning when she died. The illness prevented bowel movements and caused an almost total loss of appetite for the elephant, zoo officials said.

The elephant was given wheat bran and treated with IV fluids and several medications. It was during one of those treatments that she died. A thorough necropsy will be performed to determine an exact cause of death, the zoo said.

Maude came to Miami on Feb. 22, 2011 from the Central Florida Zoo. She was part of a Species Survival Plan recommendation and spent her time with two other elephants -- 50-year-old Dalip and 45-year-old Nellie.

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