Intruder at Kennedy Compound Was Searching for Katy Perry: Police

Ted Kennedy Jr. had called to check on son when suspect answered the phone

A man who told police he was looking for pop singer Katy Perry and had a gift for her was arrested on Tuesday night for breaking into the Kennedy compound in Massachusetts, police said.

Ted Kennedy Jr., the son of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy and a candidate for State Senate in Connecticut, called the Barnstable Police Department saying he believed that an intruder might be in his residence on Irving Avenue in Hyannis Port, police told NBC.

Kennedy Jr., who at the time was at his home in Connecticut, had called the home in Cape Cod to check on his teenage son. But a man who identified himself as James Lacroix answered the call, according to police.

Lacroix, 53, told officers who found him in the home's kitchen that he was looking for Katy Perry, police said. According to a news release from police, he also said he was at the home to see John F. Kennedy.

Police said they believed he had been at the property for three hours before they received a call. NBC affiliate WHDH reported that Lacrouix is a disabled veteran.

It was not clear why Lacroix believed Perry would be at the residence.

Lacroix was arrested for breaking and entering and was due to be arraigned in court on Wednesday morning. It was unclear if Lacroix has a lawyer.

Kennedy, a healthcare lawyer, has lived in Branford, Connecticut for two decades.

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