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Pence Makes Campaign Stop in Miami-Dade to Solidify Support of Latino Community

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Vice President Mike Pence was in South Florida Thursday in an effort to solidify support in the Latino community for the Republican presidential ticket.

Pence spoke at Florida International University in front of the Cuban Monument at the heart of the main campus in West Miami-Dade.  

“The President will be in Miami before the day is over. So we are doubling up on South Florida,” Pence said.

The Latino community has been hit harder than the general population by COVID-19, and Republicans hope that doesn’t change the solid support they have had from this voting block in Miami-Dade.

“It is so great to be back in the Sunshine State with so many champions for freedom just 19 days away from a great victory all across Florida and all across America,” Pence told the crowd sitting and standing in the afternoon sun.

There was no wavering with Fabio Andrade, who came from Colombia years ago.

"We are here in solidarity. Colombians, Venezuelans, Americans, Nicaraguans, everybody, we hear you. We want to help you. We want to make sure this country doesn’t go into socialism," Andrade said.

The Latino community in Miami-Dade has generally supported the president and the latest FIU poll showed 60% of Cuban Americans plan to vote for Trump this time.

“Our vision that leads America to freedom, prosperity, and opportunity to all and their vision that sets America on a path of less opportunity and decline and a socialist future," Pence said,.

The message from the White House labeling Joe Biden and the Democrats plays well with this crowd. Pence said that if elected, Biden would chip away at Democratic ideals and not challenge Latin dictators — a contract with President Trump.

Biden said in Miami two weeks ago that he’s no socialist. Pence said Biden would raise taxes, not support law enforcement the way Trump does, and when it comes to COVID, Pence claims their administration saved lives by stopping travel from China early this year.  

“President Trump’s actions saved untold American lives and it bought us time to stand up the greatest national mobilizations since World War II,” Pence said.

Trump is set to appear in an NBC News town hall in downtown Miami later Thursday.

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