D-Wade Fans Line Up to Meet Heat Star

Heat star reveals favorite commercial and true height

About 200 Heat fans lined up outside the T-Mobile store in Midtown Miami and waited for up to three hours Tuesday just to meet Dwyane Wade and get his autograph.

"It was raining, big time!" said Wade. "So I thought that was gonna hurt how many people get there, but it was great to pull up and see all these people waiting to get autographs and show support."

Wade has been a T-Mobile spokesman for about four years now, but he says his favorite commercial is the one from 2007 that made fun of Charles Barkley.

"The one where the waitress comes up to me and says, 'Is that your dad?'" laughed Wade.

One fan actually had Wade sign a cell phone, but most brought jerseys and basketballs and they all had different reasons for being there.

"I want to see how tall he is," said Kathy Valenzuela.

Wade was happy to sign autographs and set the record straight about his height.

"A lot of people have that misconception of me," said Wade. "A lot of people think I'm tall, but I'm not Lebron's height, 6-8 or 6-9. I'm 6-4 on a great day."

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