X-Ray Specs Become Reality

Millions of comic book readers' dreams to become reality--sort of

Toss out those pathetic cardboard and plastic x-ray specs that you ordered from the back of a comic book. Researchers have developed technology that may be used to create glasses that can see through solid materials.

The technology, which is effective at distances up to 45 feet, uses micro-busts of ultra-wideband radar to detect movements at a very small level, according to the publication New Scientist.

If one is planning on using it to peep through sweaters, however, you're probably out of luck. Taking advantage of the Doppler effect, the technology is based on microscopic movement. Its most useful application would be to detect internal bleeding in the heart and lungs.

As for those cardboard x-ray specs, they don't actually allow one to see the bones in a hand as advertised. The novelty item relies on an optical illusion.

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