Hallandale Beach To Cut Off Water to Apartment Residents Over Huge Bill

Hallandale Beach spokesman Peter Dobbens said the building owner has not paid for water in 21 months

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    The city of Hallandale Beach is preparing to cut off water to residents of a building on NE 4th Court over a water bill dispute. Residents Kenny Johnson and Terri Mammarelli and city spokesman Peter Dobbens discuss the issue. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2012)

    Kenny Johnson says the city of Hallandale Beach will shut off his water in six days, and although it's not his fault, there is nothing he can do to stop it.

    "You never, ever strand the tenants," Johnson said. "They then become the victims."

    Hallandale Beach spokesman Peter Dobbens said the building owner has not paid for water in 21 months. The bill is up to $14,588.42. The phone number listed for the property owners was disconnected. Telephone messages left for their attorney and the property manager were not immediately returned.

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    Johnson said he's never seen a water bill, but he has been paying a bill every month for more than three years.

    "We don't receive any water bills," he said. "Water, waste, electric, and gas, if you have it,  that's all included and bundled into the rent."

    Johnson added he pays his rent on time, every month. He also said this water issue is just the latest of many on NE 4th Court. He showed NBC 6 pictures of rodents, insects, and mold inside his unit.

    For Terri Mammarelli, who lives a few doors down, this latest development could be life-changing. She is suffering from stage three cervical cancer.

    "I have nowhere to go," Mammarelli said. "I have to stay here. I guess get buckets or something. Kenny was telling me to get water and stuff. I need water."

    According to notice left on residents doors, if the bill is not paid by Aug.13, the water will be shut off.

    Dobbens said even though that is the intention, the city is working with residents and Broward Housing so they won't be homeless. He added without the property owner's cooperation, this is their last resort.

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