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Ponies Stolen From Youth Ranch Found

Rusty and Sundae, both female ponies, were stolen from their Miami ranch



    Stolen Horse International, Inc.

    The two ponies stolen last month from their youth ranch home have been recovered, officials said Saturday.

    Rusty and Sundae, both female ponies, were stolen from First Baptist Church of Westwood Lake’s Circle C Youth Ranch. The ponies were used to give almost 200 kid visitors rides at the ranch.

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    Camp director Wayne Hershbeger said both the horses have been safety returned.

    “Somebody said they think they have our ponies and we went and investigated and they were our ponies and we got them back,” Hershbeger said.

    In his quest for the missing ponies, Hershbeger reached out to Stolen Horse International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to locating and finding horses.

    Founder Debi Metcalfe said the group took immediate action to find stolen horses, in part fearing for their well-being.

    “I knew that this could be a critical if not fatal situation for these ponies given the climate with the butchered horses in Miami-Dade communities,” Metcalfe said in a release.

    The $500 reward offered by the South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will be given to Stolen Horse International.

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