Truck Used To Steal $14,000 Jet Ski Was Itself Stolen, Homestead Victims Say

Julio Iglesias said his father saw his stolen pickup, on TV news, pulling away the jet ski

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    The stolen truck is seen on surveillance video pulling away with the stolen jet ski.

    The $14,000 jet ski that was stolen from a Cutler Bay home Thursday morning was driven away with a pickup truck that was itself stolen, a Homestead family says.

    Julio Iglesias said his father saw his white pickup truck, on TV news, pulling away the jet ski.

    “He was amazed, he was like oh man, that's my truck, you know?” the son said. “It sucks, not being able to do anything, seeing in the morning your truck being stolen, and then after at night seeing your truck on the news stealing something else.”

    Surveillance video shows the truck being stolen out of the owner’s driveway.

    Both crimes happened Thursday morning. The truck was stolen at about 3:30 a.m. from the house in Homestead.

    Hours later, a thief wearing a purple hoodie arrived at Yasmany Beitra’s home in Cutler Bay. Video taken there showed the suspect knocking on the door and cutting open the fence. He backed in his vehicle, and moments later the truck is seen driving off, pulling the jet ski.

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    Both victims are vowing to find the man.

    “Well, I feel devastated because the truck, it's something they needed for work to produce money for the house, for the household,” Beitra said. “The jet ski is more pleasure, but in reality I feel really bad with all of this that’s happening.”

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