6 Things to Know – Your Top Stories For Thursday, January 3

What to Know

  • Thursday, January 3rd has arrived, South Florida – and NBC 6 has the top six stories for you to know.

Thursday, January 3rd has arrived, South Florida – and NBC 6 has the top six stories for you to know.

Weather wise, the area will flirt with potential record highs ahead of the latest cold front scheduled to arrive Friday and bringing comfortable temperatures through the weekend and into early next week.

No. 1 - Police are looking for an armed, masked robber who was caught on camera struggling and fighting with an employee behind the counter at a hotel in Davie.

The incident occurred at around 4 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 22 at the Woodspring Suites at 5700 Reese Road, according to the Davie Police Department.

No. 2 - A South Florida student is speaking out to defend her SAT score after testing officials say a 300-plus point increase could be evidence of cheating.

In the span of seven months Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School student Kamilah Campbell took her score of 900 and turned it into a 1230 in hopes of attending Florida State this fall. To her, it's evidence of her hard work, but the Educational Testing Service, which administers the SAT, is skeptical of its validity.

No. 3 - A man is under arrest after authorities say he grabbed the shirt of a Florida McDonald's employee and tried to pull her over a counter during an argument over a straw.

The employee responded by punching the customer several times in the face at the St. Petersburg restaurant on Monday.

No. 4 – California Rep. Nancy Pelosi is poised to be elected Thursday as House speaker, the only woman who has held the office and now one of few elected officials who will be returning to it.

No. 5 - Authorities say a man was arrested for trespassing after he drove up to President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, told a Secret Service agent he was there to talk to the president about "his $6.3 trillion" and refused to leave.

Florida court documents show 30-year-old Brian Whitehurst pulled up to the president's resort Sunday afternoon and told Secret Service Agent Tim Donohue he needed to talk to the president about the trillions of dollars.

No. 6 - Florida boaters killed a record number of manatees in 2018 and the state reported a near-record of manatee deaths overall.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission recorded 119 manatees killed by a boat strike last year, breaking the record of 106 set in 2016 and tied in 2017. Overall, 804 manatees died in Florida waters, just shy of the record 830 recorded in 2013.

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