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Firefighters Rescue Kittens From Car Engine

The kittens were returned to their owner unharmed.



    Firefighters Rescue Kittens From Car Engine
    Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue
    Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue saved two kittens from a car engine Thursday.

    Fort Lauderdale firefighters rescued two kittens that were trapped inside the engine of a car Thursday.

    The kittens were trapped in car parked at 2724 North Andrews Avenue in front of Las Colinas restaurant.

    When rescue crews arrived they could hear the sounds of kittens coming from somewhere inside the car. They found one kitten trapped in the car's undercarriage and another in the engine area.

    Firefighters carefully removed the kittens and returned them to their owner unharmed.

    Fire officials urge drivers to tap the hood of their cars a few times before starting the motor so that any animals that may be in there have a chance to escape. If you suspect an animal may be trapped in your car's engine, contact Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue at 954-828-6800.

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