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Hubby Tried to Hire Hit Man From Jail Cell: Police

Munawar Toha faces more charges from jail



    Hubby Tried to Hire Hit Man From Jail Cell: Police

    Killing his wife wasn't enough for Munawar Toha. He also wanted any witnesses to the crime offed, according to police.

    Toha, who is currently in jail for allegedly murdering his young wife and then dumping her car and body in a canal behind his job, now faces charges of soliciting to commit murder from his jail cell after police said he asked an inmate to "take care" of witnesses expected to testify during the trial.

    The 63-year old was in court Monday to face the new allegations and was denied bond by a Broward judge. An undercover cop posing as a hitman confirmed that Toha repeatedly said he wanted any witnesses killed, a police report said.

    The recently revealed contract killings adds even more intrigue to a bizarre story that started with a missing person's report and a tearful plea in April.

    Toha came to police seeking help to find his wife, 41-year-old Surya Sari-Prihatin, who he claimed had disappeared after dropping the couple's children off to school.

    After shedding what now seems like a few crocodile tears in a public plea that fooled even the cops standing next to him, Toha quickly became the lead suspect in his wife's disappearance after investigators went by his job and found a gaping hole in the back fence.

    Police later fished out Sari-Prihatin's car and found her body inside. Surveillance footage from a warehouse camera nearby appears to show how the car ended up in the water.

    Toha drove to the location late at night, removed his bike from the trunk, and then drove the car into the water with his wife's dead body already inside, investigators alleged. On the video footage, it's hard to make out a face, but a man can be seen riding a bike away as the lights on the rear of the vehicle sank into the murky water.

    An autopsy revealed Surya died of head trauma and may have been suffocated.

    Toha has pleaded not guilty.