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Musician's Van Stolen From Coral Gables Gas Station

Van was loaded with $70,000 worth of equipment: Musician



    Evan Lamb, a local musician, had his van and $70,000 worth of equipment stolen at a Coral Gables gas station. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2012)

    What started as a quick stop to take care of some car trouble turned into tens of thousands of dollars lost for a South Florida musician. 

    Evan Lamb says he hasn't slept since his van and everything in it was stolen from a BP gas station near Coral Gables early Monday morning.

    "He gets in the front seat, puts it in reverse and I tried to catch up to him," Lamb said. "He had the door open and smashed it on one of the gas pumps. So then I ran up to that and I tried to grab the door but then he just floored it and took off."

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    Inside the van was nearly $70,000 worth of equipment. Lamb is a musician, and in the back of his van were numerous guitars, a pedalboard, amplifier, speakers, and much more.

    The driver's side door of the white van has damage from where the suspect ran it into a pole while he was speeding away, with Lamb not too far behind.

    "He's going through red lights, so I ended up going through one red light," Lamb said. "I came to another red light and there's too much traffic but there are police officers in the intersection so I honked my horn, I waved at them to come over, they finally did but by the time I told them what had happened...he was gone."

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    Lamb said he stopped at the gas station because he was having car trouble. His wife met him there. She stayed to call 911 while he took off after the suspect in his wife's car.

    Now, Lamb isn't just out a vehicle and expensive equipment. He said that's his livelihood.

    "It's everything I've worked for in the past 20 years," he said. "I've been saving my whole life and then now it's gone."

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