Crews Clean Up Damage Left By 3 South Florida Tornadoes

Crews spent Wednesday cleaning up debris and making repairs a day after three confirmed tornadoes swept through South Florida.

New surveillance video continues to surface showing the power and fury of Tuesday's storms and while nobody was hurt some people are still feeling bad about all the damage.

"It's just a shame to see all of the damage, unnecessary tax payers money going down just to get us back to where we belong," Mary Landi said.

There was plenty of clean-up going on after the National Weather Service confirmed that a third tornado originated in Weston near Weston Road and Interstate 75 and traveled about seven miles to the east in Davie.

The other tornadoes hit Pompano Beach and northeast Miami-Dade. The tornadoes and powerful storms swept through around 7 in the morning and many have vivid memories of those harrowing moments.

"I personally took my dog and my sneakers into the bathroom yesterday and waited for it to blow over," Andrea Eegan said, adding that she took her sneakers "so I could run if I had to, I was I was in my pajamas."

On roadways throughout the region, light posts were down, utility poles were propped up, and some have already been replaced.

The calamity lasted just minutes, but the cleanup will take days.

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