Driver Shot at by Stranger Who Killed Self ‘Grateful to Be Alive'

A man who survived being shot at more than a dozen times by a stranger who later killed himself on a Broward County highway still can't believe he made it through the bizarre shooting.

Andre Foote says he was minding his own business Thursday near State Road 84 and University Drive in Davie when he noticed another driver glancing at him.

"As the light turned green, all I heard was gunshots fired. So something made me immediately duck," Foote told NBC 6 Monday.

In a split-second, the gunman fired round after round into Foote's Pontiac.

"I looked over my left shoulder and I noticed there were bullet holes and I start panicking and [said] 'okay, okay I need to dial 911,"" Foote said. “To dodge 15 bullets and not get grazed by one? I’m truly grateful to be alive right now.”

Police said Foote and the gunman, 26-year-old Lance Warren, were strangers. Warren fled the scene and was pursued by police on Interstate 75 to near Griffin Road, where he killed himself.

Foote said he doesn't know why Warren targeted him and said he's still shaken up.

"Now I’m more like cautious of, okay, if someone pulls up next to me, okay, what is this person going through? Like, okay, I really have to look at this person and the person behind me and it’s just too much," Foote said.

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