Family of Club Mansion Shooting Victim Pleads for Help

As investigators continue pouring over clues from the scene of a shooting at Club Mansion last week; the family of the man who was killed, Antaun Teasely, spoke out Tuesday hoping that someone has information that might lead police to the shooter.

“He didn’t deserve to be killed the way he was and you know it,” said Antaun’s older sister Robin Teasely. “Please, please somebody know. Don’t be a coward like the person who killed my brother.”

Robin said she was frustrated and begged anyone who was at Club Mansion and may have seen something to help police find the killer. She was flanked by Antaun’s brother and sister, his 15-year-old son Ikee, and 20-year-old daughter Narquis at the family plea.

“Whoever knows anything, I know you know him; Let your spirit be free,” Antaun’s mother said. “Because the young man who did this needs to be free.”

Detectives have exhausted most of the leads they have and hope the family plea might generate some new direction for the case.

In the meantime, a lawsuit on behalf of the children has been filed against Club Mansion claiming wrongful death and negligence.

“A firearm should never be allowed into a club,” said attorney Phillip Bold, “Period. The end. There’s no excuse for that.”

If you know anything about the shooting at Club Mansion, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS (8477), you can remain anonymous when you give a tip.

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