Brian Hamacher

Investigation Into Construction Incident at Miami-Dade College Parking Garage Continues

The search for answers continued Monday after two workers were injured Friday when a section of concrete fell at the parking garage construction site at Miami-Dade College's Doral campus.

The experts from the federal government at OSHA have been at the campus along with the College and the state inspectors. In the big picture, moving forward the challenge for the school is convincing students it will be ok to park there.

No construction work was being done at the parking garage Monday afternoon. That's been completely halted. Engineers from the construction company, the state, OSHA, and the college were each checking the structure to make sure it's safe and moving to get details on what led to a one of the concrete sections tumbling Friday on to the third floor.

"This was clearly an accident, not any type of failure or collapse. We secured the site, we have outside reviewers coming into to survey exactly what happened to make sure nothing else happened," said Miami-Dade College's Juan Mendieta. "Perhaps some procedures weren't exactly followed. But we are working, the contractor is working to rectify the situation."

Two workers were injured but fortunately this was nothing like what happened almost four years ago when the garage collapsed and four died. Students still expressed fears about ever parking at the garage.

"In my class they actually talked a little bit about it. Some said 'I won't park my car there, I don't want anything to happen,'" student Gabriella Berrios said. "In my opinion, I think they should not continue in case it does happen again."

That feeling is something the college will have to overcome.

"The safety of our students is the top priority of the College," Mendieta said.

But the college says for the school to adequately serve the demand for their classes, the parking garage is a must.

"We understand the frustrations of people. This garage is long-awaited. We are frustrated too," Mendieta said.

Even with the setback the college hopes by the end of the year they will have the garage up and running.

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