Investigators Try to Solve Mystery of How Tourist Was Run Over

Daniel Flynn was found run over on A1A and Viramar Street on March 5th, but invetigators are still unsure how he got there.

Just how Daniel Flynn, a 29-year-old tourist ended up hospitalized in critical condition at Broward Health Medical Center was difficult to explain by those who saw his body fall out of a moving vehicle.

"There's a fallen pedestrian that I guess was knocked out of a car," said a man on a 911 call. "We just noticed him."

Another caller reported the man may have been pushed out.

"We saw a car at like 40 miles per hour, and they pushed him out of the car and he moved over all the streets. He's bleeding all over the place," said the caller who identified himself as Peter, a doctor.

A third caller told an operator Flynn may have been struck.

"We just saw a man, he was hit by a car," the caller said.

The suspicious circumstances leave Fort Lauderdale Police with few leads. They believe Flynn was either pushed out, or jumped out of an unknown vehicle.

Flynn was visiting Fort Lauderdale Beach from Saugus, Mass. Like many who seek out our shores during spring break, he was here to enjoy the sun and sand. He had plans to get together with a friend the day after he arrived.

His brother-in-law Kevin Turner said Flynn checked in at the Avalon Waterfront Inns after 8 p.m. on March 5th. Just after 1:30 a.m. the next day, flynn ended up bloodied on the road of busy A1A and Viramar Street.

In one 911 call, you can hear Good Samaritans trying to direct traffic away from the man's body.

"He's not well. He's breathing hard, he's breathing really hard. He's trying to move. I'm trying not to touch him. He's flopping all over the place," a female caller told the operator.

The caller who identified himself as a doctor said Flynn was hyperventilating.

"He looks quite intoxicated. But he has probably head trauma," he reported.

The caller went on to tell the operator he was prepared to do CPR if it was needed. He could also be heard telling the victim to stay down.

Police say one witness was so startled, he was unable to get a description of the vehicle involved. It appears that the car continued travelling southbound on A1A.

"He doesn't have any shoes on right now. He doesn't have anything on. He's just not breathing that well and we need someone here as soon as possible," the female caller said.

Apparently Flynn had also left his cellphone and rental car keys in the hotel room. Turner said he had not even unpacked.

The family fears he was somehow lured away from the hotel, perhaps by force. His debit and credit cards are missing.

The man is unable to breathe on his own. He remains at Broward Health Medical Center in critical condition. Unable to tell authorities who may have hurt him.

Anyone who may have seen Flynn prior to this incident or may have observed the incident occur is asked to contact Detective Justin Moody at 954-828-4018.

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