Leave Your Coins At Home

Miami roads are going cashless and motorists will be charged electronically for tolls

Tired of searching through a filthy car ashtray for that vital quarter, nickel or dime you need to pay the toll?

Well, Miami Expressway officials are tired of waiting on you to find it.

With everything else in the world going wireless, Miami roads are going cashless and motorists will no longer have to stop to pay tolls.

Six roads are set to start electronic toll collection, but soon all of the toll roads, including the Florida Turnpike, will go all futuristic on motorists. Now you can speed through tolls without worrying about a cop on your tail for not paying that quarter.

Gratigny Parkway will be the first to try the non-human approach to collecting tolls in the fall, followed by the Don Shula, Snapper Creek, Dolphin and Airport expressways in the next three or four years,

Not to worry, the human workers you are used to seeing who give you directions - and attitude - at the toll booth won't be laid off. They'll be the ones probably sending you a bill. 

People will be charged through their SunPass or an envoice will be mailed to the registered vehicle's owner through the license plate number, which will be photographed everytime a car goes through a toll point.

Now, you can save those quarters for what's really important: Donkey Kong.

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