‘Look Out for Your Neighbor': NBC 6 Photojournalist Talks About COVID Diagnosis

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It’s likely you know someone with COVID-19, and here at NBC 6, it is no different.

NBC 6 photojournalist Anthony James is back to work after he tested positive for the coronavirus last month along with investigative reporter Phil Prazan. Anthony and Phil have been paired up to work together for most of the pandemic.

Anthony has since tested negative for the virus and was able to come back to work recently. He spoke to anchor Sheli Muñiz about his experience.

SHELI: How are you feeling?

ANTHONY: I’m feeling much better. I have made a full recovery and I’m feeling much better, thanks, Sheli.

SHELI: You had all the symptoms, talk to us about what you were experiencing?

ANTHONY: My symptoms, on July 13, it was a little bit of cough and I didn’t think anything of it. Then I kind of progressively got worse. Fevers, chills, aches, and by Sunday and the next 5 days after that it was just fever, constant fever, chills, stomach issues, loss of taste and smell. I would say that was probably worse.

SHELI: You’re not just an incredible photojournalist, but you’re a husband and a dad. So how is your family and your baby girl?

ANTHONY: Unfortunately, my wife had also gotten Covid and had tested positive, but, thank God, no one else had gotten it. My daughter didn’t get it and I live with my in-laws, they didn’t get it, thank God. It’s shown me that everyone was doing their due diligence by wearing masks and I believe masks do work and just constantly washing our hands.

SHELI: You and I were talking about the emotional toll this takes. I mean, this thing, regardless how you experience it, upends your life and everything halts. Talk to us about the emotional roller coaster that you’ve experienced.

ANTHONY: When I first got it and I had tested positive, it really took a toll on my mental health because you’re thinking the worst. You’re thinking oh my gosh, am I going to go to the hospital? Do I need to be on a ventilator? And you go through all of the emotions.

SHELI: What do you want somebody to take from your story?

ANTHONY: I think during a global pandemic, this is not a time to be selfish, this a time to look out for your neighbor. Love thy neighbor because there is a virus out there and people are getting it.

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