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Moms With A Mic Help Pull Off Retirement Surprise For Mama Bagg

The matriarch of the Bagg Family is retiring after nearly five decades at the same South Florida hospital

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NBC 6’s own Julia and Marissa Bagg have an extra reason to celebrate this holiday season: their mom, Adriana Bagg, is wrapping up a 48-year career at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

The Bagg sisters joined their mom’s coworkers to help surprise her with a socially distanced celebration. Adriana thought she was going to Julia’s doctor’s appointment for a pregnancy ultrasound. But instead, Julia was driving her mom to a secret drive-by send off.

“She has no clue right?” texted fellow nurse and surprise organizer, Paula Tronolone. She had no clue, indeed-- just watch the video.

Adriana graduated from Florida State University in June of 1972, and began working as a nurse at Mount Sinai one week later.

Over the years, Adriana has worked in intensive care, with cardiac patients, and eventually earned her master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner in 1990.

She served in nursing education, saw OBGYN patients in a private office, and then moved to labor and delivery.

Adriana assisted in the births of each of her three grandchildren at Mount Sinai. It’s where Julia, Marissa, and their brother Stephen were born as well.

Julia is hoping to deliver the next Bagg baby there any day now. Adriana is excited to spend more time with her grandchildren, and doing whatever she wants to do.

The entire Bagg family is very thankful for the extra babysitting now available from “Abuela.”

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