On Cowboys4Angels.com, Women Buy the Man That Looks Best to Them

Garren James' male escort service company has expanded from Fort Lauderdale to 6 cities

Call it an online menu of men.

Women log on to Cowboys4Angels.com – and purchase the man that looks appetizing to them.

One of the busiest male escorts in South Florida is Tommy of Cowboys4Angels.com, who says, "I love making women happy."

He makes some of them so happy, they come back for more.

“Sometimes I've seen the same woman four or five nights in a row,” he said.

Garren James, a former model, founded the male escort service company based in Fort Lauderdale five years ago. He has since expanded it to six cities including Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas with 40 full-time escorts.

Services can range from a weekend cruise to dinner and drinks, James said, and women can rent a cowboy for $300 an hour or $5,000 for a weekend.

“My company has nothing to do with prostitution,” he said.

What it does is sell companionships, he said.

Though Cowboys4Angels.com denies it sells sex, Tommy, who has a girlfriend, admitted he has had sex with some of his clients.

“Two consulting adults, when you’re spending a lot of time with each other, things happen,” he said.

“I'm sure it happens. I can't confirm or deny that,” James said. “But I can say that it’s not something that we can legally sell.”

James, who also works as a consultant on the reality show “Gigolos," says most of the female clients range from 35 to 45 years old.

“It seems like it’s more for a woman who's younger and who’s making a lot of money, and who’s very busy, who travels a lot,” he said.

Tommy says he's never fallen in love with a client before but believes the reverse has happened. But the contract makes it clear there are no strings attached. And sometimes there are some unexpected arrangements.

“There's a client that I have that’s married to a pilot, and he’s out of town a lot, and he knows that I’m around when he’s out of town,” Tommy said.

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